Here you can find all information on stolen national monuments.

Inquiries can be made according to the name of the local municipality or the time of theft.

Time of theft is registered either by specific date, last date of the time period or last day of the year. As most of the thefts have been committed in sacral buildings, it is not always possible to specify the exact date of the incident. In such cases the incident is marked by year.

Most of the national monuments come with a photograph. If some have marked „Foto puudub“, it means that image for it is not available in our archive. More detailed information and description is available by clicking on the name of the national monument.

Should you recognize any of these national monuments or own any kind of information on them, please contact

Reg. nrNimiOmavalitsusAadressMälestise seisukord inspekteerimiselVarastatudPildid
156Icon "Coronation of the Holy Virgin"Tartu linnNarva mnt. 103, MPEÕ Kiriku Tartu Püha Georgi (Jüri) Kogudusstolen06.10.1996Ava link uuel kaardil