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ID: 1094 Name: E. Russ
Inserted: 16.11.2012 Monument: 30210
Country of origin: England
Date: 20th century Construction Year: 1909
Sinking time: 15.09.1919 Propulsion: steamship
Address: Territorial sea, Läänemeri
Found: Yes Purpose: merchant ship
Vessel type: steamer Coordinates: 59:12.577 N 22:38.076 E
Open map: Open map
History: Built in Germany at the Stettin Oderwerke Shipyard in 1909. Originally it belonged to the German shipping company Ernst Russ, but on 2 July 1919 had been given to England.
Cargo: foodstuff, footwear, cars, motorbikes, medical supplies
Story of Sinking: On 15 September 1919, after a two-week journey from Bordeaux to Tallinn, the steamship reached Tahkuna Peninsula, where on a stormy sea at 4 a.m. in the morning it struck a floating mine. Even though the sailor on watch saw the mine it was too late to save the ship. The ship sank within 15 minutes. The crew of 27 along with 8 passengers all survived. One member of the crew was injured in the explosion.
Object Data: length 93.3 meters, width 13.4 meters, tonnage 2439 brt
Maerial: shipbuilding steel
Description of Location: N from Tahkuna Peninsula, at a depth of ca 32 meters. Hiiumaa.
Archival Reference: ERA 73.1.614 ERA 73.2.63 ERA
Resource Links & Literature: Tallinna Teataja 17.09.1919 Meie Maa 20.09.1919 Meie Maa 24.09.1919 Mäss, V. 2013. Allveearheoloogilised tööd Soome lahel ja Läänemerel 2012. aastal. Välitööde aruanne. Roio, M. 2013. Archaeological Finds and Archival Sources: Comparison and Interpretation. - Roio, M. (toim). Shipwreck Heritage: Digitizing and Opening Access to Maritime History Sources. Tallinn: Muinsuskaitseamet, 197-213.
Discovery Date: 2011
Discoverer: Estonian Maritime Administration