ID: 1179 Nimi: Alfred
Sisestatud: 19.11.2012
Päritolumaa: England
Dateering: 19th century
Hukkumise aeg: 01.07.1853 Jõuallikas: sailing ship
Aadress: Territorial sea, Läänemeri
Otstarve: merchant ship
Laevatüüp: brig
Ajalugu: registered at the port of Exeter
Last: coal
Hukulugu: The English ship (captain William Martin and six crew members on board) ran on the rocks on her way from Newcastle to Kronstadt. They could not hold the ship. In a message from Atla manor to merchant Schmidt it is noted that the captain was not interested of their help and wanted to save the ship himself, but the weather turned bad. The rigging and crew's belongings were salvaged.
Objekti andmed: carrying capacity 151 tons "gross"
Asukoha kirjeldus: In the waters of Atla manor, near Vilsandi (auf Leigemattel), behind Põtkema, Saaremaa
Arhiiviviide: EAA.625.1.488