ID: 1187 Nimi: Josephina
Sisestatud: 20.11.2012
Päritolumaa: Sweden
Dateering: 19th century
Hukkumise aeg: 01.01.1855 Jõuallikas: sailing ship
Aadress: Territorial sea, Läänemeri
Otstarve: merchant ship
Laevatüüp: schooner
Ajalugu: Built in Skäggenäs.
Last: rye
Hukulugu: The Swedish ship commanded by B. Söderberg (six crew members on board) got icebound while on her way from Tallinn to Rotterdam. A storm began and the ship obtained a leakage in the ridged ice. The captain decided to let the ship float ashore. The ship was lying securely fixed on the bottom near Vaiga reef (approximately half a verst from the beacon). It would have been possible to pull the ship loose if it survived until spring, but the ship was already 30 years old. The rigging and cargo were brought off.
Objekti andmed: carrying capacity 53 18/100 heavy lasts, draft 10 feet
Materjal: oak and pine
Asukoha kirjeldus: Vilsandi, Saaremaa
Arhiiviviide: EAA.625.1.502
Allika viited ja kirjandus: Livländische Gouvernements-Zeitung,