ID: 1198 Nimi: St. Johannes
Sisestatud: 20.11.2012
Päritolumaa: Sweden
Dateering: 18th century
Hukkumise aeg: 11.1718 Jõuallikas: sailing ship
Aadress: Inland sea, Väinameri
Otstarve: merchant ship
Laevatüüp: unknown
Last: foodstuff
Hukulugu: Coming from Danzig, the Swedish ship (skipper Andreas Raht?, mate Niclas Jansen) went into anchor at Riguldi due to bad wind conditions. The gale pushed the ship further towards Osmussaar Island, it became cold, they managed to anchor near Rooslepa village. The ship sank deep into the water, ice heaps towering around it. The crew abandoned the ship. On the following day the ship was approached in boats belonging to the local manor owner in order to bring something off the ship which was breaking apart. The storm disturbed salvage operations, the ship broke into pieces.
Asukoha kirjeldus: Rooslepa, Läänemaa
Arhiiviviide: EAA.992.1.1198