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ID: 1205 Name: Linnea
Inserted: 24.11.2012 Monument: 27805
Country of origin: Russia
Date: 20th century Construction Year: 1892
Sinking time: 16.09.1915 Propulsion: steamship
Address: Inland sea, Väinameri
Found: Yes Purpose: warship
Vessel type: minesweeper Coordinates: 59:06.128 N 23:01.780 E
Open map: Open map
History: The steamer Linnea was originally built in Stockholm on the Lindberg slip in 1892 as a cruise- and cargo ship, but it was mobilised on 14 August 1914 to the Russian Baltic fleet and was rebuilt as minesweeper no. 1.
Cargo: military equipment
Story of Sinking: Was lost on the Baltic Sea during WWI. Linnea hit a mine at the N part of Hari Kurk on 16 September 1915.
Object Data: Displacement 740 tons, length 56.53 meters, width 8.24 meters.
Maerial: shipbuilding steel
Description of Location: ca 5 miles NW from Vormsi Island, at a depth of 15 meters.
Resource Links & Literature: Harjula, M. 2010. Itämeri 1914-1921: Itämeren laivastot maailmansodassa sekä Venäjän vallankumouksissa ja sisällissodassa. Norderstdt, 230. Kirejev, I.A. 1939. Tralenie v Baltiiskom more v voinu 1914-1917. Leningrad.
Discovery Date: The wreck has been marked on sea charts since it was lost.
Discoverer: The first divers to visit the wreck in the 1980s were from Leningrad's war history club "Pamjat Baltiki".