ID: 1222 Name: Eva
Inserted: 11.12.2012
Country of origin: Germany
Date: 19th century
Sinking time: 07.10.1862 Propulsion: sailing ship
Address: Territorial sea, Läänemeri
Purpose: merchant ship
Vessel type: unknown
Cargo: various goods (Stückgüter), salt
Story of Sinking: The Hannover ship (captain A. A. Haak and four crew members) hit a stone reef while on her way from London to Tallinn, because the captain mistakenly thought that Vilsandi lighthouse is the lighthouse of Kõpu. Supposedly the lights of the lighthouse had "changed".
Object Data: carrying capacity 38 lasts, draft 9 feet
Description of Location: Tinarahu
Archival Reference: EAA.625.1.539
Resource Links & Literature: Livländische Gouvernements-Zeitung,