ID: 1226 Name: SBR-121
Inserted: 10.01.2013
Country of origin: Russia
Date: 20th century
Propulsion: motorship
Address: Inland sea, Soome laht
Found: Yes Purpose: special purpose vessel
Vessel type: degaussing ship Coordinates: 59:20.712 N 23:55.327 E
Open map: Open map
History: The ship was built in Finland in the post war years as one of the "sotakorvauskuunari". It was rebuilt by the Russian Navy as a degaussing ship (akkumuljatornõi).
Story of Sinking: Was deliberately sank at the ship's graveyard between the islands of Suur-Pakri and Väike-Pakri. Crushed by the storms, a part of the wreck is buried in the NE part of the cape of Suur-Pakri Island.
Object Data: The length of the ship was 44.91 meters and width 8.75 meters. Parts of the wreck can be found in a large area.
Maerial: wood
Description of Location: area between Pakri islands, NE corner of Suur-Pakri
Discovery Date: The wreck and its remains have been visible for decades.