ID: 1235 Name: Vanya
Inserted: 29.01.2013
Country of origin: Russia
Date: 20th century
Sinking time: teadmata Propulsion: motorship
Address: Inland sea, Soome laht, Tallinna laht
Found: Yes Purpose: warship
Vessel type: minesweeper Coordinates: 59:28.889 N 24:43.553 E
Open map: Open map
History: The Vanya-type Russian minesweeper with a wooden hull was meant to be used in sea areas near the coast. As they aged the military equipment was removed and they were deliberately sunk in coastal waters, away from shipping lanes.
Cargo: empty
Story of Sinking: Deliberately sunk when written off and looted.
Object Data: Length of the ship 40 meters, width 7.3 meters, displacement 200 tons.
Maerial: wood
Description of Location: Tallinn Bay, coast of Paljassaar, at a depth of 17 meters. Harjumaa.
Resource Links & Literature: Jane´s Fighting Ships 1988 - 1989. London.
Discovery Date: 2000
Discoverer: Estonian Maritime Museum