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ID: 1250 Name: Krimulda
Inserted: 14.12.2014 Monument: 27804
Country of origin: Latvia
Date: 20th century Construction Year: 1899
Sinking time: 1.07.1941 Propulsion: steamship
Address: Inland sea, Väinameri
Found: Yes Purpose: merchant ship
Vessel type: steamer Coordinates: 59:07.365 N 22:59.391 E
Open map: Open map
History: Built in England in 1899. Former names: Somerford, General Dragomirov, Komissar.
Story of Sinking: Hit a mine on 30 June 1941 and foundered. Five people lost their lives.
Object Data: length 83 meters, width 12 meters, tonnage 1824 brt.
Description of Location: W from Vormsi, near Lainemadal. At a depth of 16 meters. Läänemaa.
Resource Links & Literature: Õun, M. 1996. Võitlused Läänemerel. Suvi 1941. Tallinn.