ID: 1254 Nimi: L-2
Sisestatud: 22.05.2017 Mälestis: 30963
Päritolumaa: Russia
Dateering: 20th century Ehitusaasta: 1932
Hukkumise aeg: 14.11.1941 Jõuallikas: diesel-electric ship
Aadress: Territorial sea, Gulf of Finland
Leitud: Jah Otstarve: warship
Laevatüüp: submarine Koordinaadid: 59 46.407 25 15.809
Ava kaardil: Ava kaardil
Ajalugu: The submarine L-2 is part of the first group of Soviet L-class boats to be built. The boats were constructed in 1931 and 1932: three began service in the Baltic Fleet and three in the Black Sea Fleet. The L-2 was named Stalinets.
Hukulugu: The submarine left Kronstadt port on 10 November 1941 heading to Danzig Bay on a mine laying mission. Four days later the boat hit three mines on the Gulf of Finland and sank. Fifty people died and three escaped.
Objekti andmed: The wreck lies 78 metres under the sea, with the surrounding area even deeper at 86 metres. The length of the wreck is 47, the beam 12 metres and the height 7.47 metres. Due to the circumstances of its demise, the hull is in many pieces.
Asukoha kirjeldus: The location is 8.9 nautical miles ENE of Keri Island and 10.4 nautical miles NW of Juminda peninsula.
Allika viited ja kirjandus:
Avastamise aeg: The wreck was located by the Estonian Maritime Administration in 2010. It was identified two years later by the Divers of the Dark diving club.