ID: 1258 Nimi: Eduard
Sisestatud: 11.07.2017
Päritolumaa: Latvia
Dateering: 19th century Ehitusaasta: 1810
Hukkumise aeg: 19.10.1829 Jõuallikas: sailing ship
Aadress: Inland sea, Väinameri
Otstarve: merchant ship
Laevatüüp: brigantine
Ajalugu: Master shipwright Tallberg. File EAA 30.1.9350 contains a measurement certificate (Messbrief) from Riga 8.6.1810. Ex Hoffnung; I. Jashkin, son of Tikhoni bought this ship Eduard in 1823 for 4500 silver roubles.
Last: Russian goods, pelts, iron, alcohol.
Hukulugu: This Russian ship (skipper Vassili Serebrennikov), while en route from St. Petersburg to Riga, ran aground during the night in a N and NW storm near Vormsi island. The ship turned into a wreck which was sold on an auction in May of 1830 for 125 roubles to councillor Berg.
Objekti andmed: Length 82 feet, width 22 feet 10 inches.
Materjal: spruce
Asukoha kirjeldus: Near Forby village, Vormsi
Arhiiviviide: EAA.30.1.9347 EAA.30.1.9350 LVVA.1736.1.4, l. 100p-101, 117-118 LVVA.1736.1.248