ID: 1259 Nimi: Carl und Eduard
Sisestatud: 11.07.2017
Päritolumaa: Latvia
Dateering: 19th century
Hukkumise aeg: 28.10.1841 Jõuallikas: sailing ship
Aadress: Inland sea, Gulf of Finland
Otstarve: merchant ship
Laevatüüp: galleass
Last: fat, potash, cotton yarn, Russia leather, iron, soap, tobacco, oil of vitriol, faience pottery, linen, etc.
Hukulugu: Russian ship (galiott or galeass), skipper Luder Ehlers, was en route from St. Petersburg to Riga, and started leaking near Kronstadt in a big storm. The ship was anchored six versts from the shore, but the storm pulled it loose and blew ashore near Toolse, where it broke apart. The captain, four crewmembers and two passengers were saved. The wreck was near the entrance to the port and was obstructing traffic. Cargo and parts of the rigging were saved.
Asukoha kirjeldus: Toolse port