ID: 1261 Name: Malwina
Inserted: 11.07.2017
Country of origin: Latvia
Date: 19th century
Sinking time: 9.10.1860 Propulsion: sailing ship
Address: Inland sea, Väinameri
Purpose: merchant ship
Vessel type: sloop
Cargo: wheat flour
Story of Sinking: Schaluppe Malwina (skipper Anton Ek) was en route from St. Petersburg to Riga and ran aground near Kesselaid on Oct 9th 1860 in a storm. Of the 700 bags of flour on board 284 were saved. Rigging and remains of the wreck were sold at an auction.
Description of Location: Kesselaid, Saaremaa
Archival Reference: LVVA.1736.1.11, l. 1-24 LVVA.4.2.4713
Resource Links & Literature: Livländische Gouvernements-Zeitung 55.12.1860