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ID: 1276 Nimi: Liisa
Sisestatud: 17.01.2018 Mälestis: 30964
Päritolumaa: Estonia
Dateering: 20th century Ehitusaasta: 1902
Hukkumise aeg: 23.06.1941 Jõuallikas: steamship
Aadress: Territorial sea, Baltic Sea
Leitud: Jah Otstarve: merchant ship
Laevatüüp: transport ship Koordinaadid: 59 13.063036 22 46.213675
Ava kaardil: Ava kaardil
Ajalugu: The freighter Liisa was an Estonian-flagged steamship built in Stavanger, Norway, in 1902 and formerly called the Garibaldi.
Last: cement and barbed wire
Hukulugu: The Liisa carried cement and barbed wire from Liepaja to Paldiski. Early on 23 June 1941, the Liisa had reached the Apollo shoals off Hiiumaa when a German torpedo boat fired at it. The first torpedo missed, but the Germans managed to force the crew to abandon ship for a lifeboat. A second torpedo was then fired into the right decks of the freighter, causing the Liisa to sink. The overloaded lifeboat capsized and a crew member drowned. The torpedo that missed hit another ship, the Hiiumadal, the crew of which perished. The ship was Estonian flagged.
Objekti andmed: Both boards and superstructures in the middle of the ship are severely damaged from the torpedo, and the smokestack and bridge are gone. The wreck is 34 metres deep. The length of the shipwreck is 23.61 metres, the beam 10.06 metres and the height is 6.02 metres. The wreck is oriented in a NW-SE direction on the seabed.
Materjal: steel
Asukoha kirjeldus: The wreck is 9.8 nautical miles NE of the tip of Tahkuna peninsula. It is well preserved and half of its height is buried in mud.
Allika viited ja kirjandus: Mäss, Vello (2006). Laevahukulood. Tallinn: Ilo.
Õun, Mati (2006-2007). Laevavrakid Eesti territoriaalmeres. Ajalooline ekspertiis. Muinsuskaitseamet.
Avastamise aeg: 1993
Avastaja: Estonian Maritime Museum