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ID: 215 Name: Dago
Inserted: 01.05.2011 Monument: 27768
Date: 20th century Construction Year: 1912
Sinking time: 23.10.1915 Propulsion: steamship
Address: Inland sea, Läänemeri
Found: Yes Purpose: passenger and cargo vessel
Vessel type: steamer Coordinates: 59:17.466N 23:21.264E
Open map: Open map
History: The steamship Dago was built in England in 1912 as a cargo ship. The ship was taken into use by the Russian navy during WWI, and was rebuilt as an armed minesweeper carrying the bow number 4.
Story of Sinking: Minesweeper no. 4 (Dago) was anchored W of Osmussaar on 23 October 1915 (5 november O.S.) due to bad weather, when she was attacked by the German submarine U-9. The torpedo was shot from a short distance and hit the minesweeper right in the centre. The vessel foundered immediately. 7 crew members were killed, survivors were rescued.
Object Data: Capacity 1090 BRT; length 67,11 meters and width 11,08 meters.
Maerial: ship-building steel
Description of Location: The wreck is located on the W side of Osmussaar, at a depth of 34 meters on a flat seabed.
Resource Links & Literature: Õun, M. & Ojalo, H. 2011. Võitlused Läänemerel 1914-1918. Esimene maailmasõda koduvetes.
Discovery Date: 14 June 1998
Discoverer: Estonian Maritime Museum