ID: 435 Name: Uisko
Inserted: 10.09.2011
Country of origin: Finland
Date: 20th century Construction Year: 1938
Sinking time: 16.09.1943 Propulsion: motorship
Address: Exclusive economic zone, Soome laht
Found: Yes Purpose: warship
Vessel type: escort ship Coordinates: 59:47.229N 24:56.838E
Open map: Open map
History: Finnish patrol ship Uisko (ex Celtic) was built in Belgium in 1938 as a fish trawler to the North Sea. The ship was sold to Finland in 1939 and during WWII was used for patrol service, to detect Soviet submarines trying to get to the Baltic Sea through the Gulf of Finland.
Story of Sinking: Was lost due to a torpedo attack by the Soviet Boston type bomber, in the middle of the Gulf of Finland on 16 September 1943. Uisko and Tursas were drifting with engines shut, hoping to hear the engine noise of a Russian submarine. Suddenly, a twin-engine torpedo bomber Boston came to sight and headed towards the escort ships. Tursas managed to get its engine running, but it took more time for Uisko. A torpedo fell into the water at a distance of approximately 1 km from the height of 50 m, headed towards Uisko and exploded. Only one member of the crew, who was at the bow on the moment of the explosion, survived.
Object Data: L=40,4 m B=7,1 m. The wreck is lying on the seabed in two parts, the superstructure separately and the hull semi-upright, reaching 11,3 m up from the bottom.
Maerial: shipbuilding steel.
Description of Location: In the middle of the Gulf of Finland. 5,8 miles NW from Keri Island. At a depth of 68 m.
Archival Reference: ERA.5025.2.13018
Resource Links & Literature: Mäss, V. 2009. Aruanne vrakisukeldumise kohta (ERA.5025.2.13018). Õun, M. & Ojalo, H. 2010. Võitlused Läänemerel 1943-1945. Grenader.
Discovery Date: 8.05.2008
Discoverer: Estonian Maritime Museum