MM_Meeme Meeme
ID: 739 Name: Meeme
Inserted: 22.01.2012 Monument: 27872
Country of origin: Estonia
Dating: 20th century Construction Year: 1911
Date Wrecked: 14.11.1924 Propulsion: steamship
Address: Territorial sea, Soome laht
Found: Yes Purpose: warship
Vessel Type: minesweeper Coordinates: 59:36.467 N 24:26.867 E
Open map: Open map
History: Was built as a cruise ship in Göteborg Shipyard. Was operating under the Riga City Council under the name "O". In 1919 the ship was mobilised to the Navy and had changed owners several times when the ship was taken as war spoil by the Estonian Navy at the mouth of Daugava. When Estonians left Latvia, they took "O" to Tallinn, where it was repaired and armed and taken to service as gunnery vessel "Meeme". After the War of Independence Meeme, along with sister vessel Mardus, was involved with mine-sweeping operations to clear Estonian waters.
Owner: Estonian Navy
Story of Sinking: On 11 November 1924, Meeme was sweeping mines W of Naissaar. When pulling up the trawl a mine entangled to the cables exploded under Meeme's stern. The ship obtained severe damages, there were casualties and people with severe injuries. Attempts were made to get Meeme away from the accident site, but soon the ship foundered to a depth of 44 meters.
Object Data: Displacement 150 tons, length 27,4 meters, width 6,4 meters. One 75 mm gun in the bow.
Material: shipbuilding steel
Description of Location: approximately 1,8 miles W from the N tip of Naissaar, at a depth of 44 meters.
Archival Reference: ERA.527.1.1225
Resource Links & Literature: Õun, M. 1998. Eesti sõjalaevad 1918-1940. Tallinn.
Notes: There is a file (ERA.527.1.1225) in the State Archives concerning correspondence, investigation and other regarding the loss of Meeme. 138 pages. The whole list of ship's inventory and personal belongings of the crew is displayed in the file. Total damage to the state was 6 217 516 marks and 36 pennies.
Discovery Date: 29 July 2000
Discoverer: Estonian Maritime Museum and Tuukritööde OÜ

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